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Copper Hollow Irish Setters -- About Us

When you fall in love, you can fall pretty hard. I remember seeing a beautiful male Irish being shown and I remember saying to myself: "I have got to get me one of these!" He had a striking beauty and confidence and he shook my core. I did lots of research into the breed and found them to be a good fit in my lifestyle. I enjoy their energy and joy of life - not to mention those lovely soft expressions.

I found a puppy boy from Highfeather Kennels in Newfoundland. Murphy was sadly taken from me very young but he certainly left an impact on me to continue. His breeder happened to find me my next puppy and I am forever grateful for her guidance.

Sophie came to me from Jean Johnson and Joanne Holmberg of MiJean's Kennels in Washington State. She grew up confident and healthy and we enjoyed many years of shows, obedience, and all out fun. She was a wonderful first show dog and I got introduced to so many great dog people from our travels. Sophie was my first Heart Dog and I was so fortunate to share many years with my "Beauty Queen".

Of course when you love a dog so much from a breeder you ask them for another! When Jean told me they were breeding Sophie's lovely Mother Whisper to the incomparable Fonzie from Michelle DeChambeau - I said without hesitation -- one of them shall be mine! Along came Aidan --- my fun loving shadow, my best friend. I knew he was in his Mom before anyone did any confirmation of pregnancy. I believe he was my SoulMate. We had many adventures over the years: lots of shows but our best times were being on the beach in Oregon. Sadly, he left me in June of 2018 at 10.5 years... too soon, too fast. My second Heart lucky can a girl be?

Charlotte came along shortly after Sophie passed over. I was so excited to get her as she is a sassy daughter by my Aidan and the sweet Marlee from Dale Michaelson (Abbeylane) and Breeder of the litter Caroline Harris (Rhuzara) in Alberta. Charlotte has titles on both ends of her name and I am very proud. She is a comfort and a big love to me and I adore her independence and Spirit.

I have since added a new Irish to love. We welcome "Hollis" from Shadowmere Kennel in North Carolina. We are so excited to see what the future holds for this beauty!

I believe in the preservation of the healthy Purebred Irish Setter and am a member in good standing of the Irish Setter Club of Canada as Prairie Director. I also work on the ISCC web page as well as moderate our Facebook Page. I have been involved in the club since 2003. 

These dogs are a gift from the Universe and breeders of ethical means are to be celebrated.

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